Nearly One In Four Borrowers Underwater

November 24, 2009 Nearly One In Four Borrowers Underwater (Dow Jones) The proportion of U.S. homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than the properties are worth has swelled to about 23%, threatening prospects for a sustained housing recovery. Nearly 10.7 million households had negative equity in their homes in the third quarter, according to […]

The Home Buyer Tax Credit is now in effect!

Check out the website ( in the link below ) for answers to all your questions about the Tax Credits. Resource Website

Latest News in the Mortgage Industry

Latest News in Mortgage Industry

$8,000 First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Expires December 1, 2009

If you’re planning to claim the credit and haven’t started looking for a home, your clock is now officially ticking. You must be closed on your new home on or before December 1. Based on a purchase closing of 60 days; your $8,000 is in jeopardy unless you go under contract prior to October 2, […]

Mortgage Applications on the Rise Again Mortgage applications  are on the increase despite borrowers concerns of unemployment. Click on the link above to read the article from CNN

Financing and Lava Zones 1 and 2

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae officially declared in its June selling guide that it would no longer purchase or securitize mortgage loans in the Big Island’s lava zones 1 and 2, where the probability of lava flows is greatest. Here is a link to the full article in the Star Bulletin

New home appraisal rules create an uproar in the industry

Latest news on the new appraisal rules Click on the link above for more information on what is happening now.

Freddie Mac puts Education on YouTube

Stop Foreclosure YouTube Here is a kind of educational video channel that can be both worthwhile and necessary to people facing financial trouble and possibly foreclosure of their home. Remember lenders don’t want to own your home, they have enough of them already. If people are prepared when they call for assistance, it will most likely make the […]

Where’s Our Hawaii Tribune-Herald Ad?

Don’t worry! Island Home Loans is still here and offering many new financing options! We are working on revising our advertising and did not get it completed before our old ad finished. Just as soon as we complete our new advertising brochures, flyers, mailers and newspaper ads, we will have the smiling faces of Island […]

Money to Help Build Your Home

Are you in the process of building your dream home and things get a little more expensive than you had budgeted? If your are afraid of running out of money or to have your credit cards to their max, NOW is the time to get a Construction Completion loan. You can get enough money to […]

Rising Interest Rates

It is true that mortgage interest rates have been rising over the past several weeks. With today’s best rate at 5.25%, it is still at record lows and a great time to buy a home. There are numerous programs available that allow up to 100% financing and don’t forget the great $8,000 tax incentive to […]


If you’re dragging around bad credit scores, you’ll pay more for car loans, credit cards and especially mortgages. Maybe your credit is OK, but you’d like to make it better. After all, the better your credit is, the lower the interest rates you can get on car loans and credit cards. And these days, having […]

Interest Rates – Still Low

Even with the uncertainty in the mortgage market, interest rates still remain at record lows. All homeowners should look at the savings a refinance would bring, in either a lower monthly payment or the thousands of dollars that would be saved over the life of the loan. For a full breakdown of savings please contact one […]